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At e-Haul Games, we are passionate about combining the fun of games with learning and personal growth.

What is our purpose?

To become the first e-sports app platform in any educational field accessible to anyone through a fair algorithm that allows equal conditions and opportunities when it comes to competing. And we start with Geography!

What is our mission?

That everyone can enjoy learning through competitive play. In view of creating interactive and exciting experiences that allow you to learn, compete, and discover while having fun.

What is our vision?

Transform the world of learning by showing that people come first before the business itself and that play and competition can be fair and facilitate learning: end of pay to win & win with time.

So, what does makes us special?

Educational games: We focus on developing high-quality educational games that blend fun with knowledge acquisition.

Learn while having fun: We firmly believe that learning doesn’t have to be boring. With our games, you will learn in an entertaining way and acquire valuable knowledge on various subjects.

Global competition: Do you enjoy competition? Challenge players from around the world and test your skills in exciting competitions!

Expand your knowledge and culture: Immerse yourself in our virtual worlds and discover new places, learn about diverse cultures, and explore fascinating topics! Our games are a source of inspiration that expands your knowledge and culture in a fun and exciting way!

Join us!

Become part of our community of passionate players who love learning and having fun. Discover new horizons, compete with people from around the world, and acquire valuable knowledge while enjoying yourself.

Every person has a gift of inner learning with the illusion of our childhood that is activated through the pleasure of play and competition.

No one can be left out due to lack of money and/or time: we can all be the champion person enjoying learning at a completely personalized pace.